Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Speak Up!

Please share your thoughts, your comments, and your personal stories.

Have you been a victim of harrassment? How do you think schools should handle bullies?
What's YOUR school doing?


  1. I have been on the side of bullying. My middle school didn't do much to handle. I was called an alien and said that I painted my skin its color and other this other stuff. I tried to speak up, it was possible through text and sometimes during school. In sucks, I just wish schools would truly do something about it like Mr. Kincaid.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think too many schools have looked the other way for too long. Maybe with all the awful things that have happened in recent years, educators and school officials will begin taking the problem seriously.

  3. They will always will look the other way. Most adults have this tiny thought that its normal and a apart of growing up. I was glad to see posters by our Gay Straight Alliance Club with photos of the six recent boys. Now just if educators can see the other bullying around them.

  4. I think it's important for all of us to point out inappropriate behavior when we see it. Maybe if enough people work together in this way, we can make a difference.